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Jmobile Prospector: New-school sales tool for Generation Young

Aug 18, 2017

Old-school sales method: By hand
People who have worked in sales for a long time will remember the days of logging contacts by hand. Some used a 3-ring binder or a Rolodex to store individual customer cards; some used an address book or a contact log to keep notes and records of each interaction.

Salespeople once had to spend hours organizing, making phone calls, sending handwritten letters or costly marketing material. Some were challenged with crafting materials whenever a promotion or new product came to town.

And don’t forget the time spent driving to potential customers’ houses to give demonstrations, knocking on doors or cold calling businesses in the area.

Advertising, marketing and prospecting for new sales has changed in the last two decades. The investment of running a business, the methods of communication, the ease of information and networking with new people is at your fingertips like never before.

Think about this: The technology available to you in your smartphone is more advanced than the computers NASA used to send the Apollo 11 spacecraft to the moon.

New-school sales method: Jmobile Prospector lead management tool
No longer do you have to deal with the problems that plagued salespeople in the past. Today, with a few swipes of your finger you can:

  • Import contacts from your existing contact list into a lead-management tool that walks you through step by step.
  • Quickly and simply introduce people to products you know they’ll love.
  • Our marketing and sales professionals have written SMS messages, emails and social media posts you can easily load, edit and send.
  • The fully integrated features access the video library from our award-winning marketing department, letting you effortlessly share compliant materials that showcase our best-selling products.
  • Track each contact. The app will keep records of every conversation, message and interaction with your leads. If you send someone a link or a video, you can see whether they clicked on the link or watched the video you sent.
  • Schedule reminders to yourself to follow up with your leads at times that are convenient to you. Work within your phone’s selected calendar and notification settings to make sure you always reach out when you say you will, or when you know that your leads are most likely to engage with you.
  • Guide leads through their introduction the products, falling in love with our Youth Enhancement System and becoming retail or Jeunesse Preferred Customers!
  • If Customers or leads are interested in the opportunities Jeunesse provides, if they want to know more about becoming a member of your team, Prospector can help you introduce them to the mission and heart of Jeunesse.

Your smartphone really is smart. But it’s up to you to work smarter. Jmobile Prospector makes lead management easier than ever.

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